Copyright & Licensing

1. Author’s rights 


All works by Nardavid are protected by copyright.


International Copyright laws protect all of the work of Nardavid, as well as his written words.

Any reproduction of his work, including downloading, is prohibited without the express written permission of  the Artist.

The property consisting mainly in the intellectual property rights attached to the work and name of Nardavid.

Only the Artist has the capacity to authorize or prohibit the use of his works.

In U.S. the legal statute of the copyright ownership is governed by the title 17 of the United States Code

It was codified into positive law on July 30, 1947. The latest version is from December 2016.

The copyright law of the United States grants monopoly protection for "original works of authorship".

With the stated purpose to promote art and culture, copyright law assigns a set of exclusive rights to authors: to make and sell copies of their works, to create derivative works, and to perform or display their works publicly.




2 Economic attributes of author’s right


it is the fixation of a work by Nardavid in a medium different from the original one (reproduction in books, puzzles, postcards and other merchandizing products…).


this is the communication of a work to the public, through any process, among which music or television broadcast. In the case of graphic and plastic works, the work will first be incorporated into the audio-visual program (reproduction) then broadcast (performance).


This is the right to collect a share of the amount derived from the sale at public auction of works by Nardavid.


All unauthorized use constitutes a civil tort and a criminal offence.


USC Title 15 Ch. 107: Protection of Intellectual Property Rights - Commerce and Trade.


The term of protection is author’s life plus seventy years.





Resources (United States)


The Authors Guild:

Better Business Bureau:

FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3):

Federal Trade Commission:

State Attorneys General:


Resources (Outside of United States)











3 License Agreements 


If you want to use any of the work of Nardavid – as music or illustration in a book, magazine, an advertisement campaign, brochure, or on the Internet – you must submit a request to our Copyright department.


All requests for the use of the works, music, paints, books and/or the name of Nardavid must be handled by the Artist (either directly, or indirectly via its representatives abroad), which carries out the administrative work (drafting of contracts, printer’s proofs, invoicing).


For some product categories it is possible to obtain a license agreement.

For inquiries regarding licensing, please contact us at the following email: or submitted through our Contact Form by clicking here.


In order for us to assess your request, please let us know the following:


- What type of product you want to obtain a license for

- Where the product will be manufactured

- Where the product will be marketed, i.e. what type of stores

- Wholesale and retail price

- Background information of your company, i.e. how long does the company exist, which other licenses, if any, does your company have, etc.

- Expected turnover per year

- Which country/ies you want to obtain the license for

- Anything else that is relevant to your enquiry





Last Modified: October 07, 2023