Nardavid Aguilar Alfonso better known by his stage name Nardavid, is a Cuban artist, songwriter and record producer that moves easily between genres, producing Dance Music, Rock, Classical, Pop and Latin music. His sound is renowned for its addictive beats and memorable hooks, and he has a natural flair for fusing many sounds and styles. His live performances are usually electric, and his music is ideal for dancing.


Born April 2, 1991 in Matanzas, Cuba. He says that his earliest musical memories include watching a spinning 45 rpm record of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” in her father home, on a (now) primitive vinyl turntable. (Remember turntable player?) “I was 5 years old in communist Cuba in the 90's and had no idea how much life would change.” Later, there was Los Zafiro's Bossa Cubana, that my mother gave my father for an anniversary. Then was Elvis and the Beatles, that’s what got me into rock music, also a cassette tape of Bob Marley and Wilhelm Schüchter conducting Beethoven’s N. 9 Symphony with the Das Norddeutsche Orchestra,. That’s what sparked my love of classical and reggae music.


Nardavid's discography includes symphonies, piano music, electronic music and secular songs. Between 2009 and 2010, he helped produce the album Metro 88 for Eminencia Clasica “that was a once-in-a-lifetime thing, was one of the best thing I was ever involved musically” says Nardavid. In the years since, it has succeeded in staying true to his roots while still pushing the boundaries in a world where music is always evolving. His songs are usually happy, and his distinctive style combines ancient Latin rhythms with cutting-edge sounds to create music that is both timeless and modern. His music is valued by a relatively small circle of fans around the world, and he has carved out a place for himself in the industry.